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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

lol my first post this year

Before I turn this into an actual emo blog or anything, I present this

Friday, December 31, 2010


Personally, I have plans, but otherwise...HAPPY NEW YEARS

Monday, December 27, 2010

Primary Loadout Kitlist

Okay. So basically I got really curious about how much my primary gear loadout costs. So I'm going to post a kitlist. Referencing my old orders and the catalogues from where I've purchased my gear, including RedWolf airsoft, ASGI, Amazon, Ebay, and whatever else. Not sure how long this is going to take, but it's currently 9:11pm est.

Please keep in mind, I have more than I'm listing. Some pouches were given to me.

$10 - Assorted strips of velcro for patches
$46.99 - Proper Multicam ACU Style coat 65/35
$46.99 - Proper Multicam ACU Style pants 65/35
$7.99 - Khaki BDU belt
$9.50 - Old Fox Hound Patch
$5.00 - Multicam Reverse Flag Patch
$13.00 - Multicam Name and Branch Tapes
$5.00 - Multicam Rank Patch
$49.95 - Desert Tac Boots with Side Zipper
$57.99 - Hatch Operator Hard Knuckle Gloves
$65.99 - Revision Hellflys Blk/Ylw
$29.99 - MICH 2000 Replica Helmet
$16.99 - MICH 2000 Multicam Helmet Cover
$24.99 - G&P OEF USMC Goggles
$8.00 - King Arms Helmet Goggle Straps
$9.86 - Pantac Khaki Goggle Cover
TOTAL: $408.23 (HOLY SHIT)

Battle Belt Set:
$57.47 - Pantac Combat Belt, new style
$25.00 - HSS Molle Holster
$22.00 - Gemtech Pistol Lanyard
$10.00 - Rubber Bayonet
$19.05 - Pantac Molle Accessories Pouch
$13.80 - Pantac Molle Small Accessories Pouch
$13.80 - Pantac Molle Folding Dump Pouch
$9.20 - Pantac Double 9mm Mag Pouch
TOTAL: $170.32

Plate Carrier Rig:
$80.00 - HSS Plate Carrier
$9.00 - New Fox Hound Patch
$6.50 - 3/4" IR Square
$30.00 - Motorola Talkabout Radio
$9.99 - Condor Radio Pouch
$2.00 - Glowsticks
$5.99 - Battery Powered Glowstick
$23.53 - Benchmade Molle Sheath
$55.89 - Streamlight Sidewinder Tac Light
$29.99 - Brunton Monocular
$42.99 - KaBar Short Length, combo edge
$42.04 - Pantac Double Mag Pouch (21.o2 ea.)
$45.65 - Pantac 1.5L Hydration Pack
$12.81 - Pantac Small Admin Pouch
TOTAL: $460.03 (This was expected for my plate carrier)

Total cost of kit: $1038.58 (Jesus freaking Christ dude lol)

Aaaaaand....its 10:39pm now.

Friday, December 24, 2010

I won't be home for

Merry Christmas :D

I Did It Wrong

The Amagami Challenge. Set back I think during Kaoru's arc so roughly 5 or so months ago (wow thats far back), the challenge was posted on /a/ just challenging anyone to get a girlfriend or so. It's funny because instead of getting a girlfriend, my girlfriend and I broke up last month. Well, Christmas eve is tomorrow, so I'm going to go find myself an awesome bench :D

Also heads up: as of today the airing of Amagami SS has finished. Yay 25 episodes in a different format in which everyone wins (except Rihoko). Expect an update later on today while I'm sitting on mentioned awesome bench.

The 'I really want' list

Basically I'm just putting this up as a reminder for myself. Probably would've helped with secret santa but screw it. My birthday is coming not like this is a genuine wish list or anything.

High Priority:
-Bass-Boosted Headphones (Not earplugs. Recently I broke the set of SkullCandy Skull Crushers. Since then, laptop use has really been lame. It's been really depressing)
-All Weather Floormats (I don't have a driverside floormat anymore and my floor is getting owned. All weather would be nice for when I'm wearing my airsoft boots or so)

Mid Priority:
-New Laptop (Vista blows, plus I'm running on the last few GBs on memory on my hard disk. Inability for MSOffice/OpenOffice are a killer school wise, plus my laptop tends to shut down on its own at times)
-Portable Speakers (I don't always use headphones, and my integrated
-Tigerstripe BDU Top (I can't find my old top to save my life...and it would really be nice)
-New Multicam ACU cut pants (because my crotch keeps ripping in the 2nd pair I own...and its part of my main loadout)

Low Priority:
-Black Hawk Down loadout (in all honesty in the end this kit is probably going to cost ~$500)
-G&P new version M16a2 (See above. I did win an M4 that I'm willing to keep vanilla for the sake of posing it as my BHD gun, but for accuracy, an M16 would be nice)
-Ouran Host Club DVD set (been addicted as hell to it lately, cant watch online anymore)
-Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya DVD (will probably buy at Otakon or whenever its available stateside)
-Olive Drab Flak Jacket (for my tigerstripe/Vietnam loadout. Not needed, but bad ass)

Always Accepted:
Giftcards (above all, bestbuy)
Boxers and socks (you can never have too many)