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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Airsoft Resume...except not really I guess

Basically this is what I have posted in my account on

Airsoft Replicas Owned:
Current Primary: UTG M4 Tactical
Current Sidearm: KJW M9 Co2

Reserves(current and past):
Airsoft Elite PPK Co2 (RIP)
Classic Army AUG A2 (RIP)
Classic Army M24 Fluted Barrel
Crosman Pulse R74 Mp5
Echo1 Vector Arms AK-CPM (AK74u) [sold]
G&G M14 Black (sold)
G&G Scar-L (sold)
G&G TopTech MP5-A4
HFC M9 Co2
JG M4a1 w/ MB Patriot Kit
JG SVD (mia)
UTG M324 Sniper
UTG M3S Multi-Shot
Well MP7

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