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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Top 6 Anime Endings Which Upset Me

Editorial Note: Of anime I have watched and finished. This is my opinion on the topics, please remember that. If you would like to raise an objection, message me or leave it in a comment.

6) Pokemon - Yeah, yeah...I know the series hasn't come to an end yet, but this is mainly listed because well, why the hell doesn't Ash grow up or anything. Yes his voice changes (lol, voice actor) and all but kid should be in his 20s or so now. Sadly though, Ash and everyone else looks the same for the most part minus a change of clothes. At least Gary becomes a pokemon professor and does something...while Ash and Brock are bros for life just traveling across the Pokemon world and finding new counterparts. Sadly Ash and Misty will never be...because Ash would obviously rather be with Pikachu for the rest of his life. Guess it runs in the family with Mr. Mime as his step-dad or so.

5) Sora No Woto - So we were first introduced to 'Amazing Grace' in the third episode in a dream Kanata was having while she was ill. Her dream was basically a flashback to when she was little and saw Princess Iria play the song and make the rain stop and the sun come out. From that point on we knew it was an important song, and the song appeared in many episodes from there. Well come the last episode, the two armies of the Holy Roman Empire and Helvetia are about to rip each others heads off, so the girls of the 1121st platoon get into the now mysteriously completed Takemikazuchi spider tank (I couldve sworn they said the parts for the tank were rare/unavailable in the first episodes) and then rock out to save the day, stomping Hopkins and his unit and then land in the middle of the two armies before they start fighting. Prior to all this, Kanata (with her super-hearing) heard a cease-fire trumpet call from far away, which Hopkins dismisses because he's a crazy war mongler. Anyways knowing this, Kanata gets out of the tank and plays 'Amazing Grace' which stops both of the advancing armies in their tracks. At the end of the song, Rio comes out in her now-royal self, complete with the royal guard, and states that there is now peace between the two nations. They could have stopped it there I guess, but they of course had Rio come back to the 1121st platoon (through her request). Basically it ends in kind of a reset, since it was a slice of life show anyways.

4) Suzuka - No matter what most people will say about this anime, I personally liked it. Characters were quite interesting and the story kept me interested. Theres basically two reasons I didn't like the ending however. First off, theres so much more to the story covered in the manga, which I also did not like the ending to (lol,, marriage). The anime stops at chapter 72 of the manga, out of 166 total chapters. I do understand though that animating a second season of Suzuka would be kinda hard, and really impossible due to a lacking fanbase, but there is so much more to the story. Second reason I dislike the ending to the anime is because it seemed kinda rushed. In the second to last episode to the final episode, it basically goes from Yamato chasing after Suzuka after pissing her off, to Yamato pissing her off even more by kissing her, to Suzuka bringing Yamato to Kazuki's grave and then praying for quite a long time while Yamato is confused to why the hell he is there, to Suzuka saying admitting she likes Yamato, to them walking to school together and holding hands. Even though Suzuka at one point says she had always liked Yamato, well, I think it was rushed at the end. Yamato probably would have been better off with Honoka or Yui (from the manga), but I will admit that Suzuka's character had her attractive moments.

3) Gantz - This show was nuts. I really don't know what else to say about it besides that, but it had its moments. But well, there really was no end to the show. Basically similar circumstance with Suzuka though, where the manga continues where the anime left off, and of course there won't be a continuation of the anime because well...this is solely my opinion, but I didn't really like the anime. I haven't read the manga at all so I don't know how that goes, but from what I heard it gets kind of weird. First off, at the end of the anime, guy Kei, while carrying Reika's barely living body, is running down what I think is a remake of the subway station he originally died at with Kato. Kei had just finished beating the two abusing guys who killed homeless people and did other bad things, and he was sent to the subway station remake. Suddenly theres a train coming, and well, thats it. No clue if they actually survive, although I know they do since I've read a few summaries of the manga. Gantz was such a douche to the players of the game lol

2) Kampfer - "Its a story about a guy who turns into a girl, but its not Ranma, its Kampfer! Its German!" I really don't know if this series was rushed or just silly, but I was in a big state of 'wtf' after watching the last two episodes. The final episode completely didn't belong was was more suited as a DVD special or so. I mean Christ...I don't even want to talk about it really. Go watch it if you must. But for the last episdode of the story, well, we have evil Sakura being evil and basically controlling Natsuru ("Sakura can't be the bad guy, lets go ask her!") and then Sakura and the white kampfers taking on Shizuku, Akane, and Mikoto and beating them at first with the help of Natsuru. Then Natsuru stops himself from taking out the 3 girls and then they all literally turn super saiyan. I'm being serious too. They're power levels increase and then the clothes start stripping like something out of Ikkitousen. Soon afterwards, Natsuru and the others take out Sakura and the white kampfers while the entrails dolls are singing 'Ode to Joy' in the background. Of course when all is said and done, Natsuru turns into a guy and then all the girls start fighting over him again. Yeah...silly ending. Would have been better if they spread this all between two seasons instead with more character development. Poor Mikoto had little to no development in the anime. Hopefully there will be a season 2, since theres more in the manga...although we're in store for a NatsuruxAkane end.

1) Toradora! - Okay. I love Toradora and most everything about it, but the ending was rushed. Sure it was clear from the start that we would get a RyujixTaiga end, but it all fell together at the end of the snow trip episode, leaving 3 more episodes. We knew that Taiga had already had feelings for Ryuji from the end of the Christmas party arc, but we never really get when Ryuji felt the same way about her. Honestly while thinking about it now, I don't even know when he stopped liking Minori. So anyways, come the second to last episode, it seemed as though Ryuji just had to man up and accept the fact that he liked Taiga and go after her. After they run away together, it really seemed as though they had liked each other the whole time. It really just caught me off guard, and that one thing in the last episode, the whole thing with Taiga running away and then coming back at the very end. I understand why she did it, but I really wish they could have dragged it out into another episode or so, mainly just to show how things went from there. I honestly wouldn't mind an 'after story' series to come afterwards, or just a normal sequel too. One last thing from rewatching the last episode....if you stopped watching right as the credits started, the ending would probably piss you off even more.

Notable Entries:
  • Ladies Verses Butlers (generic harem reset ending)
  • Ouran High School Host Club (Didn't read manga yet, but where the anime left up was kinda meh)

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