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Friday, April 2, 2010

Anime of Spring 2010

Christ. So many freaking choices. Well, I'm pretty much just going to list what I'm going to watch and maybe (doubtfully because I procrastinate the hell out of things) blog about. I won't lie, though, in saying I'm kind of excited for the new season of K-On! more than any others...but well, yeah. I used to be so much against the whole 'moe' anime movement because it bothers me, but I apparently keep watching the crap.
Here we go...

B Gata H Kei (Facepalmed in the first minute of the first episode)
Apparently the season has already started and so I just found the first episode, and now I'm watching it...literally as I type this. You know, if you read the description in the picture (2nd row, 4th column) thats pretty much all you need to know. A minute in, I'm greeted with this:
I honestly pray for the future's youth.

So yeah, this is going to be an interesting anime. Maybe high in the fan service dept, but I'll get over it.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
After getting the first one out of the way, should get easier from here. Mainly the pretense for this anime intrigues me, however I haven't done much research on it. Being a romantic comedy is always a plus to me too.

A slice of life anime about a young lad who starts working at a family restaurant with a very interesting staff of employees. Thats about it, and it intrigues me. I wish I worked in a place with a weird group of coworkers, but well, they're all pretty normal. Aweosme, but normal. I'm prolly quite weird to alot of them. Anyways though, the show apparently has already started, and early at that, so I'll be on this quite soon.

K-On!! (2nd season denoted by 2nd exclamation point in title?)
My most anticipated show this season. I randomly started watching the first season a few months back and got hooked. I've pretty much religiously followed the show and the specials on AnimeSeason and have been wanting a 2nd season...just like many other anime I've watched...except its here. Mainly hoping not to get trolled by KyoAni like I was with Endless Eight, I'm pretty excited for this slice-of-life, high school, moeblob, musical, show...I could have added more adjectives, but its 1 in the morning here.

Kiss X Sis (oh dear God...)
Honestly I don't know why I watch this show. I describe it to my girlfriend as 'porn without the porn'. Worst part is, its incest...or something...I don't know what it is but they're all related just not by blood. I won't lie in saying that it has its funny moments, but I don't know. I don't even know if its going to be an ongoing show or just a group of OVAs like the related 3 episodes are.

Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 2 (Haven't even seen the first...)
It's Gurren Lagann related...I love Gurren Lagann...Enough said. I have no clue wtf to expect though, so I'm blind on this one. If anyone can guide me to a sub or even a dub of the first Parallel Work(s?), that would be highly appreciated.

Thats pretty much it though. I may not be watching that many shows, but well, I really don't have the time for all of it. I only started watching shows as they were released...last season. That was only Sora No Woto. I later on watched Ladies Verses Butlers! and caught the last episode as it caught out, as disappointing as it was, and I eventually want to, but might not get to, watch Hanamaru Kindergarden. So time will tell if I follow everything as it's shown, drop and pick up, or just drop.

Might drop it all since I still can't seem to put down Soul Silver. Yay grinding.

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