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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

12 Episodes Are Never Enough

Awesome Tier:
.Working!! (13 Episodes)
.Arakawa Under the Bridge (13 Episodes)
.Angel Beats (13 Episodes)
Alright Tier:
.B Gate H Kei (12 Episode, COMPLETE)
.KissXSis (12 Episddes)
.Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama (26 Episdoes according to RandomCuriosity)
Meh Tier:
.K-On!! (24 Episdoes? Not confirmed)
.Heroman (lol, dropped)

Remember when series used to mainly run 12 episodes? The change of pace makes me excited. I just watched the 12th episode of Working!! And I was about to choke someone if it ended there. Glad to see they're taking another episode for the finale date between Takanashi and Inami...D'awww. I can only pray that there will be a 2nd season, although I see no room for a need or so, because I really don't want a sequel similar to what they did with K-On!! and how they took the music aspect out of it.
Kyoto Animation = trolls of the century. Given that I eventually grew to like and respect the mess known as "Endless Eight" and loved the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, it's like they turned K-On! into another Lucky Star, which I can't get into at all for this reason:

I mean, I watched just the first episode, and I think the 6th episode...whichever one had them go to the beach...and I couldn't do it. I found it boring. They were talking about...nothing. Sure it had its funny parts, but the boring > the funny. Maybe it's just me though since alot of people love the series. Maybe I expected a straight up combination of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Azumanga Daioh. Who knows?
Back to topic though, the first season of K-On! totally owns the second season. I mean, we're 11 episodes in, 12th comes out today, and here's basically a summary of the episodes:

1- Good Episode. Everyone in the group, except Azusa, is a senior now. Fuwa Fuwa Time. Nobody else is freaking joining the light music club.
2- Decent Episode. Omg the closet is a mess, must clear shit out. Mugi is adorable in the 'commoners' store. Sold a vintage Gibson Double Cutaway for 500k Yen. Ritsu tries to eat receipt to keep it from Sawako. Ton-chan.
3- Good Episode. Ritsu tired of drums and wants to be in spotlight. Jakka-jan. Sawako being beautiful. Ritsu likes drums again. Mugi plays little jazzy tune at the end which we never hear ever again.
4- Alright Episode. Senior field trip. Girls don't follow the rules and mess with Sawako. Atemon gameu~. Mugi is adorable with pillow fighting and her snorting at Ritsu's "skull" and "lycopene". Oh God, we're lost...let's call Azusa, who is back home, to help us....Yui no baka.
5- My Favorite Episode. Azusa, Jun, Ui are left behind and hang out together so Ui isn't lonely. Jazz club > light music club. Jun is adorable with everything. Ui hits a homerun. Azusa forgets to feed Ton-chan, so they have a jam session. Preview of season 3?
6- Alright Episode. Oh God, its raining. Yui get's pwned by a dog, cars, and the such. Azusa's guitar and Mio's bass now have names. Yui has hardcore seperation anxiety with her guitar.
7- Decent Episode, saved by new song. OMG MIO'S FAN CLUB WITH OFFICIAL MIO MERCHANDISE. Prior student president had obsession with Mio. Mio's deep poem was (too) deep. Pure Pure Heart was amazing. "Don't stop the music"
8- Good Episode. Recycled scene from first episode last season. Everyone was adorable when they were younger. Grilled balls. WTF NO MUGI BACKSTORY?! Yui and Ritsu don't know what they want to do in the future.
9- Lame Episode. Oh hey I have finals but I want to perform in a talent show to help my neighbor who always helps me. YuiAzu do comedy, but fail...all while runing 'Brush and Ballpoint Pen' which is my favorite HTT song. Yui no baka.
10- Great Episode. Sawako is acting fishy. Yui no baka. Sawako is pregnant...not. Mugi is adorable when she wanted to get kicked out of class. Reunion of Sawako's band, "Death Devil" at an old classmate's wedding. Awesome Sawako is awesome.
11- Lame Episode. Oh God, its hot. Yui and Mugi get down to school swimsuits. Ton-chan is shedding and needs a bigger tank. Mugi is adorable driving in Sawako's car. Ritsu forgot to request an AC for the club room. Nodoka saves the day. Yui is allergic to air conditioning. Yui no baka.

She's really stupider than she was last season. It's not all that adorable anymore...

I really don't even feel like talking about the other series anymore haha. New post in a few days, if not when the 13 episode shows end or whatever.

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