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Monday, July 19, 2010

90 Day Workout Plan (No returns)

So basically I'm just setting this up as a reminder for me since I look at this thing quite often.
Starting when I wake up today, Monday, July 19, I'm starting my 90 day workout plan. Why? I feel like its a good time to start.

*Template, subject to change

Start: July 19, 2010
End: October 17, 2010

-Wake up Target: 9am normal days, 8:30am gym days...1.5 week grace period
-Sleep Target: 12am...1 week grace period
-Upon wakeup, 30 minute stretches/simple workouts on non gym days
-IKEA Gym at least once a week in morning when not working. At least 45 minutes. Avoid 'Runner's High' if possible.
--Sunday or Monday-Lower Body/Cardio Focus
--Tuesday or Thursday-Cario Focus
--Friday or Saturday-Upper Body Focus
--Wednesday -Free Pick
-Airsoft Woods drills once a week, full gear/equip
-Circuit jog/run - at least once a week
-Rest on T's if needed
-Work through soreness if possible

-Balanced eating, at least two meals a day
-Small than usual serving, so help me God
-Eating out - no more than one day plus Thursdays
-Primarily water as beverage
-Non carbonated as secondary
--Minimize gatorade/lemonade/iced tea
-No soda (carbonated)...1 week grace period
-Experimental...1 raw egg after gym or run unless/until new protein source found

-Weekly fap (lol)
-Cut video games to 1hr day alone, or with company over
--Substitute game time for guitar time
-Stretches, small weights while watching tv/internet
-If nap needed, no longer than 45min
-Hydration goal: 2L per day...1 week grace period

+Guitar Skill
+Daily Energy

thats all for now.

hopefully I can keep myself focused with this...I usually do pretty well when I put my mind to it

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