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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brief, overdue recap of Spring 2010 anime part 1

Sorry, not alot of pics yet...consider this a template.

So I basically put this off long as you all can probably tell, but heres basically my thoughts of what I watched.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 2? I totally did not watch it. Why? I never got around to it and honestly I really did not hear too much about it, so it really did not spark my interest too much. I still have yet to watch the first one, but oh well. I'm quite happy with the anime as is, along with the two movies with basically tell the anime's story plus more. Still waiting for the next volume of the manga to be released...

My favorite anime of the season was definitely 'Working!' followed oh so close by 'Arakawa Under the Bridge'. Working was a straight up slice of life comedy anime, but the story pretty much kept me involved. With slight romantic aspects summerized by this picture

I think one of the main things that I liked most was the interaction between the characters.
-You have Souta Takanaski (glasses, last heart) who loves small and cute things, lives in a house with his 4 sisters, and has a past that slightly involes crossdressing.
-Mahiru Inami is the girl in last heart. She has androphobia, or fear of men, because of how her father raised her, which makes for hilarious times. Her main target is Takanasi, who takes the beating like a champ, but Souma gets hit every now and then. She eventually falls for Takanashi and they end up going on a date in the last episode.
-Poplar Taneshima (not pictured) is probably one of the most adorable characters ever. She's quite short, which automatically makes Takanashi (or Katanashi, as she calls him) go crazy, but not in a romantic way. She is a year older than Takanashi and Inami, and tutors Inami. I really don't know what else to say about her, but besides the fact that shes short and kinda busty, shes pretty much normal...altough she totally admires Takanaski's crossdressed alter ego.
-The manager of the restaurant is Kyoko Shirafuji (not pictured). She is quite the apathetic type and doesn't really do much work-wise. She has her violent tendencies though, and has some violent connections in case customer problems arise. Way to win her over? Food and treats. Shes mainly seen eating something random.
-The head chef is Yachio Todoroki (top heart). For the most part she is normal, but she constantly carries a family made katana at her side and basically is a closet lesbian for Kyoko. She is quite protective and attached over Kyoko, which started when Kyoko defended Todoroki when they were little. In the show, she usually makes parfaits for Kyoko and is mainly oblivious to Sotou's feelings for her.
-Jun Satou (top heart) is probably my favorite character in the show. He and Soma are two cooks for the restaurant. He's usually a calm and collected, yet at first intimidating looking person who has had feelings for Yachio for awhile but doesn't really share his feelings. Somewhat easy to anger, he takes out his anger on Poplar through teasing.
-Hiroomi Soma (middle heart) is the other cook. Although very friendly at first glance, he posses stalker like tendencies and someone is able to find dirt on everyone, leading him to blackmail most of the characters in the show, minus Inami (due to her punching him at eye contact) and Satou (who responds violently, usually with a frying pan).
-Aoi Yamada (middle heart) is the mysterious character. Picked up by the restaurants general manager, she works as a waitress and lives in the attic of the restaurant. Not much is known about her besides what she says, which requires citation. She apparently has alot of confidence in herself although she is family and homeless. She's quite a trouble maker as she breaks things and tends to say things at wrong moments. If she existed in real life, she would drive me insane.
-Maya Matsumoto (not pictured) is my proof that there has to be another season of this show, besides the horrid final episode. She was only formally introduced in the 13th episode, although she made appearances in other episodes, along with the OP. Self proclaimed 'only normal employee', she tries way too hard and I find her weird...along with her hair.

I don't know about you all, but I would love to work with this staff....
Anyways though, the show basically went from pure slice of life as mentioned, to having romantic tendencies between Inami and Takanashi near the end. It started out fine, but I wish for more episodes. The last episode which was the date between the two basically didn't fix or more or do anything at all. Christ I'll miss watching the OP. Favorite character though was Satou.

Arakawa Under the Bridge was really a different anime to me. I went into it not really knowing what was going on. It basically revolves around the main character, Kou Ichinomiya (aka Recruit or Rec) starting a life, literally, under the bridge. When I first watched the first episode, I thought this anime was alot deeper than it was, having the setting and characters all as some metaphor for the afterlife since I thought Rec actually died in the first episode, but alas I was wrong. Nino actually saved Rec's life and was his lover, there actually was a 'kappa' who was the mayor of under the bridge, and so on. Because of how Working! went, I really don't want to go into characters again. I will fully admit though that there was an episode or two that put me to sleep, but all the other episodes literally had me laugh out loud. Pretty excited because another season has been announced. So manybe in a year or so we'll have more Arakawa.
Favorite characters? P-Ko (4th in from left) and Sister (far right). Lulz were had.

Angel Beats. Freaking loved the music. Loved the anime. Story basically revolves around a group of individuals (who happen to all be high schoolers) living in a somewhat purgatory-ish area. The main concept is that these individuals did not live a complete life and died with regrets, such as Yuri not being able to save her sisters, Iwasawa becomming horribly incapacitated before she could successfully reach out with her music, and Yui, who could not live an active life at all due to being handicapped. At first we have Yuri and everybody else's group, the SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen, or Afterlife Warfront) fighting against Kanade Tachibana, or Angel (as labeled at the time), saying that Kanade was having people disappear from the world. Well, later on they realize whats going on and Kanade joins the group. It was a good story, but well, I feel like it all just seemed rushed for the most part. Especially the end, which I can sum up in one picture.

Stopping here for now though, its almost 2. I know I'm violating my 90 days. Deal with it.

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