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Monday, August 23, 2010

Freaking know right....

After reading this strip I realized I probably get hit on alot of work...alot more than I would give myself credit to since I personally don't find me all that attractive. Most recent occurance happened today. I went to help this girl with a return, she needed help unloading this mattress out of her car. So I go to help her since the customer service guys didnt answer my call on the radio, and the second we get out there, she introduces herself (her name was Emily by the way) and just starts chatting with me and making somewhat witty comments at the story of my day since my day was sucking pretty bad. I have to say though it was kinda cute, she was kinda cute, and I totally did not realize she was flirting with me until after I did her return. I didn't even say "nice meeting you" or anything...but happens I suppose

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