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Thursday, August 26, 2010

my pokemon teams....primary, secondary, bench, and my pokemon if I was a gym leader

This is pretty much been my team the whole game. Got me through the gyms, elite 4, and Red. They're all unnamed. Metagross was transferred from my sapphire game after I beat the elite4 the first time. Pidgeotto was the space filler at the time since I only had Dragonair.
My secondary team currently in training: Brozor the Scizor, Bonnie the Gardevoir, Clyde the Gallade, Glitch the Porygon Z, Frost the Glaceon, and Sponge the Togekiss. Giving it a go at EV-Training with this crew, and possible going onto competitive battling to get my ass handed to me.
Just in case my secondary gets rocked super hard, I have my bench pokemon which is work in progress. Some of these guys already have names from being high contenders for getting a spot on my secondary team. There's Shine the Starmie, Comet the Hitmonchan, Boota the Mamoswine, and TopPercent the FEAR Rattata.
I put alot of creative thought into my gym pokemon. My favorite types are water, psychic, and ice types, but if I had a gym, I wouldn't use them because they're already common gym types. Not sure what category to put them in, but for now I'm going with 'Aggressive, bipedal beasts'. Works for me. Badge would be a rendition of Metal Gear Rex, and I would probably give the TM for earthquake, but who knows. Hell, I'd rather give the TM for hyperbeam.


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