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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Newfound obsession with QuestionableContent...oh wait

So for the past few days, the entirety of my online time has been pretty much used up reading all 1737 comics from Questionable Content. Kind of mad I read them all though since I have to wait for a comic everyday, but I have to say, I find them quite humorous and most of the characters remind me alot of certain people I know, so it does a good job at entertaining me. No idea why I'm even bothering to write this. Kinda makes me feel kinda good about my whole college situation which I really dont feel like explaining on here. Some of the matches are kind of creepy, granted I don't know the person that matches with Faye all that well. Oh well though...totally buying this print one day. Hannelore is awesome, although slightly (just slightly) mental.

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