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Monday, October 25, 2010

First Impression: Yosuga no Sora Ep 4

First impression in the aspect that I don't feel like going too in depth because I have other things I can be doing right now that are more productive.

So. After the 4th episode of Yosuga no Sora, I am pretty much throwing out the idea of a School Days ending. Instead, especially based off of the preview for the next episode, its going to take on a Amagami SS format with 4 episode arcs per character. This format kinda bugs me, especially if they go with the whole reset thing like Amagami SS does. The first arc of course was Kazuha Migiwa's arc. While she was awesome as a character and all (seriously too, because the way I worded that kinda reeks of sarcasm), the H-Scene at the end while she's playing her viola to Haru and Akira was a bit much in my opinion. Then again, the show does broadcast late nights on AT-X in Japan, so some form of boobs was bound to happen anyways.

Apparently next character arc is Akira which I'm somewhat looking forward to. I'm really curious to how the whole arc this is going to be executed, whether it be a story reset a la Amagami SS, or a continuation of the current story line, which will of course make alot of people hate Haru because it will make him seem like Makoto...from School Days.

Can't wait for the inevitable Nao arc (childhood friend/swimmer) and I can only hope for a Kozue arc (student chairman) although she didnt really have an arc in the game.

By the way, Ai's arc in Amagami SS was amazing. She and Haruka are my favorites. Can't wait for Tsukasa's arc which is after Rihoko's arc, which starts this Thursday.

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