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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anime of Fall 2010 and where I stand chart has changed a bit. For most episodes we're about 5 episodes in for each unless they're carrying over or whatnot. Just a quick update of where I stand, just as a guide to what I will probably talk about on here.

Currently following and up to date with:
-Amagami SS
-Yosuga no Sora
-My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute

Have started and not up to date:
-Arakawa Under the Bridge Season 2
-Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
-Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru
-Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Want to watch, but may never get to anytime soon:
-Bakuman [premise doesn't really intrigue me, but a friend keeps pushing it on me]
-Star Driver [heard good things, haven't bothered]
-The World Only God Knows [I downloaded the first ep when it came out. Its still on my desktop, untouched]
-A Certain Magical Index Season 2 [still haven't watched season 1]
-MM! [intrigued me but I never bothered with it]
-Pokemon [basically waiting for the licenced dub to be released on kidsWB, cartoon network, or whatever channel Pokemon currently airs on.]

It's funny because in the end I only really watch like 3 or so series to the very end. So there's a high chance that the 3rd list will still unwatched, while I just tap into the 2nd list. I definitely want to watch Arakawa2, but as with the first season, it starts off way too slow for me. I didn't even finish the 2nd episode yet. I definitely will get on it though, since Arakawa2 was the anime I was looking forward to most. Maybe they should just give P-Ko more screentime...they probably have, but I wouldnt know past the 2nd episode...and yes I'm quite sure I didn't miss any P-Ko in the 2nd episode

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