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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yosuga No Sora ep 5

(subs are vlcSnaps from UTW-Ryuumaru subs. Episode 5)

Ok just watched episode of 5 of Yosuga No Sora. It's the start of Akira's arc, taking place right after episode 2 (pool cleaning episode). After finding out that Kazuha and Akira are sisters, Akira walks out of the changing room to find Haru there rather than in Kazuha's arc where Motoka (Kazuha's maid) confronts Haru outside instead. It was kind of weird seeing how it all panned out from this branch but it did feel kind of awkward showing it, in the fashion that I'm not used to this 'different branch' format.
Best way to describe it? One of those 'choose your own adventure' books from back in the day. Except you kept a bookmark at the decision part and went back to it after you hit one end.
I also found the very beginning of the episode to be awkward because it felt a bit more rushed to me. In this arc, when Akira came out of the changing room, Haru straight up asked if she and Kazuha were sisters. I know it came somewhat fast too in the other arc with Kazuha's confrontation, but in this case it happened right before the OP.
Akira is a god-tier friend. I would love to know someone like her in real life (notice the trend here...I want to be friends with someone like Akira and someone like Haruka from Amagami). Girlfriend-wise I think she would be quite a hassle. I like Kazuha's character, but I feel she would be way too protective and uptight sometimes. Girlfriend-wise....naw man.
Once again with the awesome showing on AT-X we had nudity scenes. Again, I thought it was a bit much but it didnt really bug me here. Implied sex already, on only the first episode of the arc too. It's alright I guess...

I'm interested to see how Akira's arc is going to go from here. She's a pretty awesome character. She's bright and bubbly while having a more sullen side deep down. It's revealed right off the bat that she likes Haru, although I won't go harping on this being rushed because they apparently knew each other when they were little, so the relationship building had already started. As usual though, not sure how Haru feels, but whatever.

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