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Friday, December 24, 2010

The 'I really want' list

Basically I'm just putting this up as a reminder for myself. Probably would've helped with secret santa but screw it. My birthday is coming not like this is a genuine wish list or anything.

High Priority:
-Bass-Boosted Headphones (Not earplugs. Recently I broke the set of SkullCandy Skull Crushers. Since then, laptop use has really been lame. It's been really depressing)
-All Weather Floormats (I don't have a driverside floormat anymore and my floor is getting owned. All weather would be nice for when I'm wearing my airsoft boots or so)

Mid Priority:
-New Laptop (Vista blows, plus I'm running on the last few GBs on memory on my hard disk. Inability for MSOffice/OpenOffice are a killer school wise, plus my laptop tends to shut down on its own at times)
-Portable Speakers (I don't always use headphones, and my integrated
-Tigerstripe BDU Top (I can't find my old top to save my life...and it would really be nice)
-New Multicam ACU cut pants (because my crotch keeps ripping in the 2nd pair I own...and its part of my main loadout)

Low Priority:
-Black Hawk Down loadout (in all honesty in the end this kit is probably going to cost ~$500)
-G&P new version M16a2 (See above. I did win an M4 that I'm willing to keep vanilla for the sake of posing it as my BHD gun, but for accuracy, an M16 would be nice)
-Ouran Host Club DVD set (been addicted as hell to it lately, cant watch online anymore)
-Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya DVD (will probably buy at Otakon or whenever its available stateside)
-Olive Drab Flak Jacket (for my tigerstripe/Vietnam loadout. Not needed, but bad ass)

Always Accepted:
Giftcards (above all, bestbuy)
Boxers and socks (you can never have too many)

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