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Monday, December 13, 2010

It shouldnt bother me, but it does

>you will never win employee of the year

Yeah, so in the 3 years I've been at IKEA I've won employee of the month twice, during my first year and during this year. This put me in the run for employee of the year, which I of course haven't been. Granted I lost to outstanding, beastly coworkers, I really thought I had a chance this time. I guess I just let the hype get to me, with everyone around me saying I had a good chance. Stacked as hell race this year. Out of the 11 coworkers in the race, one left IKEA in the time frame, another was ineligible, three were in markethall, three in showroom, one in recovery, one in full serve, and I was in front line. There's always next year I guess, or as the trend is going, I'll possibly be in the race again in 2 years. Damn everyone for getting my hopes up lol

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